These exquisite waterfall decorative ornaments have been meticulously crafted at Calcagno Foundry, situated in Boring, Oregon, exclusively for our 80th Anniversary Price Bros Halo illuminated signs.

The intricate process began with the creation of a wooden pattern board, skillfully hand-carved by Martin Model from Scappose, Oregon.

The wood pattern is used to create a rubber mold to capture all the fine details and intricacies of the medallion.

Wax is then poured into the rubber mold to take its exact shape. This results in a “Wax Replica”, known as the wax pattern or wax mold.

Lost Wax Process

The wax patterns are then coated with a ceramic material to form a hard shell, creating what is called “Investment Mold”. This shell is designed to withstand the high temperatures of the subsequent casting process.

The ceramic shell, containing the wax pattern inside, undergoes a heating process to melt and remove the wax leaving behind a cavity in the shape of the original pattern within the ceramic mold.

Ceramic Coating Parts being Cast at Calcagno Foundry

Molten metal of silver bronze or aluminum is then poured into the prepared ceramic mold until the metal fills the void left by the wax, taking on the exact shape and details of the original pattern.

Cast Bronze and Aluminum Medallions Awaiting Polishing

After the casting cools down, the ceramic molds are broken open leaving behind castings, which are then polished by hand on a buffing machine, ensuring a flawless mirror finish.

Cast Bronze Medallion for Sign

Embracing the tradition established by Price Brothers of Chicago, Illinois in the 1930s, we are dedicated to upholding the legacy of handcrafted American artistry. My commitment is unwavering as we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, just as our predecessors did during the golden era of craftsmanship.

Price Brothers Halo Sign with Waterfall Ornament