Honoring The Past
The Past With A
Master’s Touch

Continuing the impeccable standards and exceptional craftsmanship of the sign makers in the glory days of visual advertising is a daily ambition that drives Chad Haas, Owner of Small Batch Sign Company. It is with this concept in mind that his original designs are handcrafted to be period authentic to those times.

All of our original designs are handcrafted the old fashioned way, by hand. Just as it was once done when America was full of specialized skilled master craftsmen.

The foundation of our signs is based on original tooling and patterns. Local artisans have been hired to carve wood patterns for our foundry castings and tool-and-dies for stamped parts. Our metal castings are made at a local foundry using the same lost wax and sand casting processes that the original sign manufacturers used. All graphics are entirely hand drawn without using computer generated fonts or scans. Colors are hand tinted until the correct shade is faithfully matched. All artwork is screen printed using hand pulled art. No corners are cut nor any detail overlooked.

Beautifully made pieces of advertising like these take time. We take that time to ensure that our signs will exceed our client's expectations. With a commitment to historical accuracy and excellence without compromise customers are assured that our unique products are the finest advertising signs on the market today.