Small Batch Signs are Period Accurate 
Our Masterful Hand Crafting and Exacting Details Guarantee It

Chad Haas, founder and owner of The Small Batch Sign Company, has long been fascinated by the imagination, artistic expression and craftsmanship found in Pre- World War II American advertising.  Being a designer by trade who is heavily involved in a variety of different manufacturing processes, Chad’s curiosity of how these objects were so beautifully created led him on a quest to exhaustively research and document the traditional methods, techniques and materials that were used during that period in time. 

To help insure that the art and craft of traditional sign making would survive, Chad made the decision to apply his passion for these objects as a way to express his skills as a designer and the power of imagination of what could be possible by creating new, one-of-a-kind works of contemporary advertising art that honor the past.

Continuing the high standards and exceptional craftsmanship that makes vintage original advertising so desirable and appreciated is a daily ambition that drives him. Chad’s overall aim is to preserve the traditional advertising and sign making skills and techniques that were employed in the glory days of the past. The original designs are handcrafted in this same spirit to be period authentic to the times in which they may have been made, had they existed.