The Small Batch Sign Company is always buying fantastic advertising signs.  If you have a special reverse on glass sign and are interested in selling it, please reach out to us at: and show us what you have:

  1. Photographs of your sign. If it is illuminated please share pictures of it lighted and unlit.
  2. A description of its condition. We are always interested in signs that have been well preserved.
  3. The provenance related to your sign. Please share the history of the sign and how you acquired it.
  4. Your asking price, if you have one.

We are interested in the rarest and most unique reverse-on-glass (ROG) signs.  In particular, we are always interested in Pre-War signs (dating from 1935 to 1940 is our focus and specialty) made by the following sign manufacturers:

  1. Signs with the brand name GILLCO, manufactured by Gill Glass of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We own the GILLCO trademark and take great pride in being stewards of preserving the legacy and rich history of these remarkably-made products.  
  2. Signs made by Price Brothers, Inc (Price Bros) of Chicago, Illinois.
  3. Signs made by Crystal Manufacturing of Chicago, Illinois.
  4. Signs made by Cincinnati Advertising Products (CAPCO) of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  5. Signs made by Lackner Sign Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  6. Signs made by Neon Products Inc (NPI) of Lima, Ohio.
  7. Signs made by Everbrite of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my hometown).

Our passion is conservation, and we will pay accordingly to the quality and rarity.  We encourage you to reach out if you have a great sign to sell.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Below is a sampling of the kinds of Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Advertising signs we are looking to purchase. 

GILLCO illuminated signs manufactured by Gill Glass of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, like this Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Chippewa's Pride Beer backlit reverse on glass illuminated cab light sign:


Halo signs made by Price Bros of Chicago, Illinois, like this ‘Fox Head 400’ Beer backlit reverse on glass illuminated cab light sign:


Signs made by Crystal Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois, which featured backlit acetate that was used to mimic the look of neon, like this ‘Fox Head Beer - Brewed with Waukesha Water’ reverse on glass illuminated sign.  

Cincinnati Advertising Products (CAPCO) signs, like this ‘Drink Budweiser’ Beer reverse on glass lighted sign: 


Signs made by the Lackner Sign Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, like this art deco influenced 'Sherwin-Williams Paints' Cover the Earth edgelit glass neon sign.


Neon signs made by Neon Products Inc (NPI) of Cincinnati, Ohio, which were known for their art deco influenced sign housings, like this edgelit glass ‘Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles’ sign.

Neon signs made by Everbrite Signs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin like this Evinrude Outboard Motors, which have the distinctive curved shape:

Evinrude Outboard Motors sign by Everbrite