When breweriana collector Jarrod Kramer of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania found this Yuenglin’s ‘On Draught’ Beer piece of glass he knew that he might have an extremely rare piece of advertising from the oldest operating brewing company in America.  While the piece was a once in a lifetime find, unfortunately the original housing and neon departed the glass a long time ago.  With the likelihood Jarrod would find a housing for his very distinctive sign (it has eight sides) being slim to none, he had no proper way to display it, which is as an edgelit neon sign.

After speaking with other collectors for advice, breweriana aficionado Chris Watt introduced Jarrod to me (thank you so much Chris!) and we discussed ideas and the unique challenges that the unusually beautiful shape of the glass would pose. Jarrod commissioned me to get started and gave me creative freedom to come up with a one-of-a-kind design. Given the signs rarity and unique eight-sided shape, it felt deserving of something beyond the ordinary. Feeling ambitious I sketched out a few ideas down at a napkin. After playing around with the design we secretly created two distinctive Art Deco inspired styles without his knowing. Deciding that I liked both designs equally I was going to keep whatever design Jarrod did not choose.  Much to my surprise, after I presented both concepts to him he decided that he had to have them both.

Finally after a long wait and much anticipation Jarrod’s rare glass was returned back to its neon-lit glory. Here is a picture of the recently completed sign taken inside the shop of Jarrod's local neon artist.

I absolutely love it!!!! (Both of these signs), they’re the highlight of my collection”.

To many, Yuengling’s is the King of Beers. These handcrafted one of a kind signs are the King of Jarrod’s collection.

Thank you for the privilege of making your dream come true.