Fine Watch Repairing Hanging Glass Sign

Restoration of ‘Fine Watch Repair’ Scalloped Edge Glass Signed with Colored and Mirror Back Glue Chipped Letters.

When I purchased this scalloped glass sign it was in very rough shape, but now it has been returned back to its original glory.

These signs were a popular form of advertising the product and services in the storefronts of companies in the late 1800's. and to a lesser extent up through 1930's until other forms of advertising took precedent. They were hung using a brass chain.

The first step to restoring the sign was to wipe the back clean with acetone and then polish the sign face using a buffing wheel with compound to remove superficial scratches. Cleaning the backside of the sign thoroughly is very important so that the inks and gold leaf had a surface free of contaminants.

First Step of Restoring Scalloped Glass Advertising Sign

To re-create the mirror around the border of the letters and the sign edge, a chemical silvering deposition was done. With the silver mirroring applied, the letters, which were acid etched, was burnished with 12kt White Gold Leaf and then in-fill painted with red '1 Shot' sign paint. 

After Picture of Scalloped Glass Sign Restoration 
Fortunately for me, I found a page from the catalog of the original manufacturer, which describes this sign as follows:

A most brilliant and attractive sign on plate glass with mirror back border and letters; with standard red background from lighter to darker color. The letters are of chipped glass with bright smooth edges. This sign is a perfect dream of splendor and beauty. It gives a first-class impression to every one, and will outlast any of the cheap, gaudy, fake-looking signs.
Size 14x6 inches, with brass chains as shown.
Weight, packed, 3 pounds.
Price $3.30 each.”

Excerpt from Catalog of Scalloped Glass Sign Manufacturer