Wenner's Birch Beer Price Bros Halo Sign
Completed the restoration of this scarce and seldom seen Wenner's Birch Beer 'On Tap' Price Bros Halo sign for a very patient customer. I sure hope it will be worth the wait and am excited for the client to enjoy it without the light bleeding through the ad glass.

This illuminated sign was in poor shape when it arrived to me, with significant delamination of the inks on the advertising glass.  The base and bandshell were soda blasted down to bare metal and then were powder coated by Top Coat Industrial Finish in Hillsboro, Oregon (original Halo signs, which date to the mid to late 1930's would have been painted). The silver waterfall medallion was polished at Calcagno Foundry in Boring, Oregon.  The glass holder was pitted badly enough that it could not be polished out and so it was replaced with a new one. New electrical components and wiring ensure the sign can be lit safely and with an LED lamp source.

A waterslide decal provided the finishing touch:

Waterslide Decal of Price Brothers Logo

Before-and-After Restoration Photo of Front of Sign:

Before-and-After Restoration Photo of Front of Sign

Before-and-After Restoration Photo of Back of Sign:

Before-and-After Restoration Photo of Back of Sign: